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Hey blokes, look what I found. That kind of websites may look odd nowadays, but I liked this one somehow.

>This site is a collection of photographs taken by Graeme Bell, taking you on a walk round this beautiful nature trail , to see some of it's natural splendour over the internet. This site allows you to view the beauty of the Moness Falls and the surrounding countryside, and has been designed to be easy to browse, and to walk around the birks, simply click on the left and right arrows at the bottom of each page.
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I'm not trying to pick on you or anything, but "either" is usually used in negative sentences. Or as a positive responce to a negative statement. "I hate school. - I don't like it either", for example.

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hello from 2021

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Sales of energy drinks to children under 16 will be banned by most major UK supermarkets from Monday, following concerns about their high levels of sugar and caffeine and impact on health and behaviour.

Customers buying drinks containing more than 150mg of caffeine per litre in branches of Asda, Aldi, the Co-op, Lidl, Morrisons, Tesco, Sainsbury’s and Waitrose will be asked to prove they are over 16.

The high street chemist Boots is the latest retailer – and the only non-supermarket – to announce a ban, following the lead of a voluntary restriction taken by Waitrose in January.

Drinks such as Red Bull, Relentless, Monster Energy and Rockstar have become increasingly popular. Children and teenagers consume them more than adults, even though industry labelling guidelines statew that any soft drink with more than 150mg of caffeine per litre must carry a warning about its high caffeine content and state it is not recommended for children.

The compulsory health warnings read: “High caffeine content. Not recommended for children or pregnant or breastfeeding women or persons sensitive to caffeine.”

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“To see a health brand like Boots join the ban on energy drinks to under-16s is brilliant,” said Oliver. “Our retailers are doing the right thing for the health of our children and now it’s time for government to step up, close the loop and implement a ban.

“We need a level playing field so we can protect all our kids from buying these drinks in all independent retailers.”

The Food Standards Agency has warned that energy drinks can contain high levels of caffeine, usually about 80mg in a 250ml can – similar to the amount in three cans of cola or a mug of instant coffee.

In January, Theresa May promised to look into the dangers of the drinks after the death of Justin Bartholomew, 25, who took his own life after regularly drinking 15 cans a day. His family believe that the energy drinks heightened his anxiety and helped contribute to his death.

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>about their high levels of sugar and caffeine and impact on health and behaviour.
>high levels of sugar

Lol, I guess now they should ban cakes as well. Can't let children be too happy.

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Newsagents to sell 'porn passes' so adults visiting X-rated websites can prove they are over 18 when age verification laws come in to force
-New laws will require online porn viewers to confirm that they are older than 18
-Viewers will be able to purchase a 16-digit code from newsagents to verify ages
-It will avoid them having to hand over personal details to X-rated porn websites

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Why did you post this? Are you insinuating that someone here needs a guide? Leaving a message would've made things clearer.

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I did it just for my personal using.

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So... Let's use it then?

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>I thought I made myself clear.

I thought your gonna make my dick clear.

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Whatever, I couldn't care less about your gay fantasies.

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So the son asks his dad:
-- Who the alcohologists are?
-- You see those two bъrches at the_re? An alcohologist says there're four of them
-- Dad, it's a single fucking oak

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What are you getting at? Wtf?

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Nobody's gonna reply to this, but I don't know any better.

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Let us see "The Dirty Vicar" sketch! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7s9SYX7TSJ0

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I say, what a simply SUPER DAY!

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Tired of thinking too hard when you write? Feeling like posting isn't fun anymore? Do you have a new word to share, a small story, a stand-up routine, something you came up with on a spur of a moment? Welcome to our Carnival!

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Greetings! This is a coordination thread for Killing Floor. Feel free to join in!

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Here's our new addition, just in case:
https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=97709811 (link is in the comments)

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Alright, let's check it out.

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Hey, what's going on y'all? How about a small story or some useful advice from your old Uncle Davy?

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The rest of the night had passed quietly. At the morning, when all troubled conversations between workers had died, I was still lying awake on my bunk, thinking about my next step. My colleagues, despite or because of their nervousness weren’t ready for any sort of action. They were good enough fellows, but not very quick on their feet. Only a few bothered to ask me about what I saw and frankly, they didn’t look eager to investigate the matter. Telling my story about the accident, I omitted some of the more unsettling details, such as blood-covered symbols and sounds coming from the seemingly empty barn. There was no need to scare people into awareness, since I actually decided to look into it myself. Therefore what I needed was not a trembling hand of another fearful farmer, but rather some firepower, since all I had was my hunting knife. It wasn’t a mystery that Tom had plenty of guns at his disposal. He was also a very strict, stern, old-fashioned, practical man; that suited my purposes just fine. Shortly after that morning I talked to him about the accident and offered my services as a night watchman for a symbolic price. All I needed was a firearm and maybe a dog so I could catch trespassers and raise alarm quickly. As I put it, what could’ve happened? The madman could’ve easily set the barn on fire. We were lucky he was preoccupied with his nonsensical rituals. These arguments were reasonable enough for Tom and he approved of the idea, though not without a dispute about my somewhat young age and trustworthiness. He gave me an old shotgun with several boxes of shells and told all workers that I was assigned to guard their sleep. I was excited to do some target-practice, but first I had to conduct a small experiment I had in mind. To check if the food from the barn wasn’t poisoned I fed my ration to one of the dogs. You can guess that wasn’t the nicest pup. However, the dog seemed absolutely unaffected by meal and farmers didn’t show any signs of illness either… But even with all that in mind, I couldn’t touch the food, so when the night came I was starving. "At least it helps me to stay awake", I thought, shivering in the cold wind. Now I have to say, I’ve never been easily scared, but that moonless night on the farm, with the remains of the wards, the ritual signs written on the walls, blood, which soaked into the earth under my feet and memories still fresh in my mind, gave me the creeps. I started to regret my decision to put the dogs away for the time being. Surely, they made a lot of noise, but the silence seemed much more ominous in comparison. With some time to think, I started to doubt the barn was really empty the other night. There must’ve been… Something. Anything at all. I knew I heard it, whatever it was. Was I really attentive when I entered the barn the previous night? Must be something I missed... After nearly an hour of indecisiveness I just had to check the barn. I had to know for sure. I gathered my courage, approached the door and tried to listen as closely as I could. Everything was quiet. This time I had the keys Tom gave me, so I was determined to get inside. I opened the door and lighted a kerosene lamp which hanged from a nail near the entrance. The air inside was warm, stale and unpleasant. Once again I felt a sense of upcoming danger. With each step I glanced back and forth, ready to shoot. At first I haven’t felt anything. But then, when I was at the middle of the building simultaneously I heard a faint noise and saw something moving in a big sack to the right. Immediately I pointed my gun at it, took a few steps back and shouted “Who’s there!?” Half a minute passed with no reply. I shouted again “Show yourself or I’ll shoot!” and received no answer. Finally, I couldn’t wait no more. I shot the sack. The blood sprayed all over the building, making me shudder with revulsion. Suddenly the barn was full of movement: the sack was filled with big black maggot-like insects with numerous legs. They writhed on the floor, spilling putrid substance from their bloated bodies and clawed at the air, trying to get away from the light. Their foul smell and squishy sounds they made were utterly repulsive. It was only worsened by their formidable size. I’ve seen parasites before, but I couldn’t identify these monstrosities. I was about to walk out of the barn when something occurred to me. Stricken with a terrible thought, I rushed to farmers’ dormitory…

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How much longer are you gonna keep thestory unfinished?

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>bloody cat
>tiger eating a man on the pic

Damn I like these random pictures.

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And cats posess superior vision or something?

>tiger eating a man on the pic

Actually, it's a lion.

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>And cats posess superior vision or something?

They are smaller and so is their field of view (I guess).

>Actually, it's a lion.

Whatever. It's a bloody cat anyway.

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I invite you anons to join the development of the hypertext adventure Miskatonic Valley.
I am awaiting your questions and opinions here ITT or in our /m/.

Miskatonic Valley is a world where the last remnants of twentieth century’s technology coexist with medieval-level society. The place where lucky travelers might find the traces of long-gone civilizations and magic, the hidden secrets and an opportunity to tell the story of their adventures.
We draw our inspiration from such games as Blood, Fallout and Silent Hill as well as Dark Tower and Evil Dead series.
This is a developing project – you can participate to create your own site representing location of its world. You can also cooperate with others to make your quests and stories more adventurous and complex.
The technology behind the project is simple: it utilizes hyperlinks and static html pages to create bigger sites users can explore. There is a system of codes which represent various items and pieces of information you need to complete quests and execute certain actions. You can use any text editor you like to save codes for further usage.

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Pierre's quest has been updated. Now you can return the key to him.

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